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"Overall Point Of No Return is an interesting and often contagious showcase of Blind River Scare, Tim’s vocals and lyrics are for the most part slow burning, rich and welcoming whilst the band create a tasteful country backing" ... "If you want to hear well played inviting roots you’ll find a great deal to admire about Blind River Scare"

Rhythmn & Booze


"What makes this CD stand out is the quality of some of the lyrics. Opening with the title track, 'The Point Of No Return', right from the start you realise that something's a bit different with the way that the band approaches its material"

Whisperin and Hollerin


"What a lovely sound, nice production. Thought of it being a cross between The Jayhawks 'Tomorrow The Green Grass' and something Gram Parsonsesque".

Alex Huskisson – The Mystery Train Radio Show, Severn FM



"Formed in 2005 in Newport, South Wales, Blind River Scare is a vehicle for the very talented singer and guitarist Tim Manning, backed by Stuart Loosemore on stand-up bass and Mike Hopkins on Harmonium, Hammond Organ and mandolin.

Together they create a very effective and big, authentic-sounding acoustic Americana and Alt-Country sound, with Tim’s resonator guitar playing adding a pedal steel like sound at times (try ‘Restless Soul’ to hear it at its best). His voice is suitably world-weary and convincing, with the six songs all original. Pastures New memorable, often bluesy – take a listen to ‘Sideways Slide’ – and always rootsy; just pick any track at random"

Norman Darwen - RnR Magazine


It's only a six track release, but Manning ensures each one counts"

Mike Davies -





"Lovers of Americana should certainly check out the six track CD 'Pastures New' ... A fine Acoustic based sound"

Twoj Blues Magazine (Poland)


Blind River Scare's wonderful new record Pastures New, deserves a very close listen. There are stories being told and the songs weave through a journey of everyday life in an extraordinary way.

Dave Tonberg, Americana and Roots radio presenter, Caithness FM

"If your interests include Americana, do make the effort to hear this, it is well worth the effort"

Blues News Magazine (Norway)





"If you like your Americana on the purer side, then you’ll like this"

Americana UK


"Blind River Scare is a new name to me but their music harks back to a time in country music when the hair was big and the whisky was drunk by the gallon. Their music has a timeless quality and will undoubtedly be loved for years to come"

Russell Hill's Country Music Show, Express FM




"The chic term these days is roots music, which is a fair enough handle if you need one and these roots anchor the band somewhere just the other side of the mid-Atlantic ridge. As they say, east is east and west is west ... but when the twain does meet, you get music as great as this"

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


"Tales of self-doubt, car crashes, parenthood, and regret" … "Point Of No Return suggests a band worth keeping an eye on"

R2 Magazine


Point of No Return Front


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Blind River Scare - 'Pastures New'

Blind River Scare - Pastures New Cover - Large

"You can count on Blind River Scare to come up with the goods, deliver a package of great songs but the clever thing is that whilst singing about what a big, exciting and sometimes scary place the world can be, the universality of the music reminds us that, in some sense at least, it really isn’t that big at all"

Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture


Tim Manning - Blind River Scare

Blind River Scare - 'The Point Of No Return'

"Love it so much, an absolute beauty" "Arguably the best thing they've recorded"

Alex Huskisson - The Mystery Train Radio Show, Severn FM

"It's by far the best album I have heard from Blind River Scare. A real musical tour de force"

Dan James - The Folk Show, BRFM