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The Straight and True

The Straight and True  (Live)           (2010) - 500 Limited Run


1.  Open Door

2.  Backsliding Again

3.  Reading Between The Lines

4.  You Take Something For The Pain

5.  The Straight And True

6.  The Damage Is Done

7.  When You Walk Away

8.  Out Of My Hands

9.  Keep Saying Sorry

Point of No Return Front Langforrd cover

The Point Of No Return      



1.  The Point Of No Return

2.  Could I Be A Different Man

3.  Gideon

4.  No Remorse, Guilt Or Shame

5.  Mother's Day

6.  The Damage Is Done



Killing Time



1.   You Take Something For The Pain

2.   The Way The Story Goes

3.   It's Out Of My Hands

4.   Wolfman Jack

5.   Killing Time


 A Tribute to Jon Langford


Blind River Scare contributed


Walking On Hell's Roof

(Looking At The Flowers)

By The Waco Brothers

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Pastures New



1.  Pastures New

2.  Restless Soul

3.  Close To Home

4.  But Still You Stay

5.  No Jericho

6.  Sideways Slide


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